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Who’s actually in for the Game of Thrones Plays D&D Sesh at D&D LIVE 2020 and What They’re Playing

You’ve likely heard by now that some fan favourites from Game of Thrones  are gathering around the table for a D&D LIVE game session, DM’ed by Kate Welch. But here’s the skinny on who’s actually confirmed and what we might expect from the game session geared at raising funds for Red Nose Day.

Who's playing Dungeons and Dragons from Game of Thrones on D&D LIVE 2020

Iwan Rheon aka Ramsay Bolton will play dungeons and dragons on DnD LIVE 2020Iwan Rheon

aka. Ramsay Bolton/Snow
aka. Theon Greyjoy’s tormentor and BBEG of ‘Battle of the Bastards’

“Not all about brawn… gotta’ be able to think your way through problems.”

“Not like Ramsay Bolton, probably.”

Might suggest that Rheon will play something more intelligent and cranial, like a Wizard perhaps?

Natalia Tena aka Osha will play dungeons and dragons on DnD LIVE 2020Natalia Tena

aka. Osha
aka. The wildling kid sworn to protect Brandon Stark (also played Nymphadora in Harry Potter)

“I’m making my character like Viserian [sic].”

“Very excited and I’m gonna’ start training up for it.”

It sounds like Tena is modeling a character after Viserian, one of Daenarys’ three dragons, named for her brother Visarys, which was ultimately turned by the Night King. Possibly a dragonborn character?

Daniel Portman aka Podrick Payne will play dungeons and dragons on DnD LIVE 2020Daniel Portman

aka. Podrick Payne
aka. Ward and squire to Brienne of Tarth

“That real ‘monk’ stuff.”

It was difficult to make out what Portman said in the video but it ended with a monk reference. Could he be thinking of taking charge this time around as a fists-of-fury D&D 5e monk? Sounds like there’s some kind of influence there.

Kristian Nairn aka Hodor will play Dungeons and Dragons on DnD LIVE 2020Kristian Nairn

aka. Hodor
aka. “Hold the door” Hodor


Honestly, no idea what’s coming here. Offering only his trademark tagline, “Hodor” in the video – a ruse I’m sure he never tires of (/sarcasm) – I didn’t really get much of a sense.

Going on instinct, however, I would say he’ll either lean into the trope and play a burly fighter-class character or go completely against the grain and play something like a halfling cleric.

What kind of Dungeons and Dragons game might the GOT cast be playing?

There’s a lot less known about this one, but in a recent interview in Entertainment Weekly, DM for the game and D&D Designer, Kate Welch, stated that, “The games I run tend to be ridiculous and goofy, which are two words I wouldn’t apply to Game of Thrones, necessarily.”

She followed up to say that the Game of Thrones cast will, “meet an unusual creature that sets them on a strange task.”

Decidedly vague, but I felt this meant she might change her style up to offer the GOT crew a more drama-centric adventure.

Finally with the statement that Welch is, “super excited to see how these actors in particular let loose with the antics you typically find at a D&D table.” I’m going to make the assertion that Welch will be leading the cast through a non-typically GOT romp that is more light-hearted, exciting but shenanigan-filled for this run.

Given that the live games typically reflect the announced storyline – strongly rumoured to be a campaign set in Icewind Dale – I would further guess that it will be a cold-weather, ice-torn set with the Kate Welch brand of goofiness overlaid.

If you want to catch the Game of Thrones session, it is scheduled for Saturday, June 20 at 3pm ET on the Dungeons and Dragons Twitch channel.

Game of Thrones Cast play Dungeons and Dragons on D&D LIVE 2020

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