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What is D&D LIVE (June 18-20) looking like for 2020?

Each summer for the past few years, Wizards of the Coast (WotC) has held a live event to announce the forthcoming Dungeons and Dragons storyline amidst a weekend of celebratory games and celebrity showcases, but this will only be the second year of the freshly-branded ‘D&D LIVE’ event.

Three main things to watch for at D&D Live 2020 this week

The first of its kind, to my best memory, was The Stream of Annhiliation in 2017 to launch the new Tomb of Annihilation campaign, followed by the Stream of Many Eyes (Waterdeep: Dragon Heist and Dungeon of the Mad Mage) and the first D&D LIVE 2019 (Descent Into Avernus).

With so much info coming out around the upcoming D&D LIVE 2020 and the recent purported ‘leak’ of the new story line in Icewind Dale, let’s take a look at the highlights of what has been revealed for the ‘star-studded’ D&D event coming next week from June 18-20, 2020.

Keep in mind that apparently all of this is being done via pre-recorded video conference interactions.

New Storyline Announcement and Reveal – THU 3pm ET with Mica Burton and Anna Prosser

We’ve seen a healthy amount of teasers and suggestions from various official sources, culminating with the strong hit of leaks that surfaced last week to suggest that this new story line will feature the Icewind Dale setting in the Forgotten Realms – home to legendary Drow hero, Driz’zt Do’Urden and setting for the upcoming Dark Alliance video game. Additionally seems to center around the goddess Auril and her cultist following.

Mainstage Live Games, featuring:

  • Comedians play D&D with Thomas Middleditch (actor/comedian), Brian Posehn (actor/comedian) and Kevin Sussman (Big Bang Theory, Almost Famous)
  • DM: Jeremy Crawford and WWE celebs, Alexa Bliss, Tyler Breeze, Dio Maddin, Ember Moon, and Xavier Woods
  • DM: Deborah Ann Woll with Amy Acker (Angel, Suits), Jay Ellis (Insecure), Janina Gavankar (The Way Back), Matthew Lillard (Beadle & Grimms, Scooby-doo) and Sam Richardson (BoJack Horseman, TMNT)
  • DM: Chris Perkins with Felicia Day, Brett Gelman, Maitreyi Ramakrishnan and Martin Starr
  • DM: Chris Perkins with Karen Gillan, David Harbour, Pom Klementieff and Brandon Routh
  • DM: Kate Welch and Game of Thrones cast Kristian Nairn, Daniel Portman, Iwan Rheon, Natalia Tena and Gemma Whelan

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New Reality RP – LIVE Interactive Sessions

  • Live reality RP show, cast of canon D&D characters with some social media and pre-recorded video components
  • Insta video: Host Prosperon, the Prison Warden of Revel’s End
  • Specifically calls out ‘Frostmaiden’s Rime’ (Frostmaiden Auril) the purportedly leaked subtitle of the next storyline compendium
  • Rooting out the cultist hiding in the collective of the Ten Towns, which centres in Icewind Dale where a dozen or so community influencers will actively play these heroes, including Krystina Arielle, B. Dave Walters, Mark Meer, Satine Phoenix and more
  • Sounds like an escalation of the Yawning Portal and Waterdeep interactive set exhibit they held for Waterdeep: Dragon Heist in the Stream of Many Eyes
  • Will play out like a living micro-campaign

See the full schedule and event details here.

Check out the official D&D LIVE 2020 Trailer below

D&D LIVE 2020 will feature a mix of pre-recorded and live gaming content
The new D&D 5e storyline, roumoured to be set in Icewind Dale, will also be revealed and WotC’s flagship annual reveal.

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