• July 8, 2020
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Our Best D&D Podcasts

The Charisma Check Podcast

The Charisma Check Actual Play 5e D&D Podcast

Six theatre friends embark on an epic, story-driven campaign filled with mystery, intrigue engaging, fast-paced story and loveable characters. Fully edited, our podcast is a complete audio immersion in the world of Tamasin, Ranquess, Fa'en, Chyna and Enthesoch as they battle the evil that threatens the world of Faerun, while conquering their own, personal demons!

The Speaking Common D&D News Podcast

The Speaking Common D&D Weekly News

Weekly D&D news podcast and stream from around the web, including official dungeons and dragons news from Wizards of the Coast, as well as D&D conventions, new adventures and official campaigns, new dungeons and dragons games and online providers like Roll20 and Fantasy Grounds, community news and Dungeon Master Tips!