• August 10, 2020
  • Last Update July 26, 2020 10:33 pm
  • Toronto

NEW Stream Schedule Finalized and Upcoming Content from ShambazzleGames

In community news, a lot of you may know pieces of this, but I’ve finally ‘formalized’ my new streaming schedule and approach to content going forward. Essentially, this comes down to Three main streaming shows and the content that comes from ther. As always, follow me on Twitter for daily Dungeons and Dragons content and community news – basically everything I do ends up on Twitter at some point!

All shows are exclusively live-streamed on Twitch, with replays over all other channels following the broadcast.

A new streaming schedule and finalized show listings for 2020:

Speaking Common – Saturday 11am ET/8am PT

Speaking Common Dungeons and Dragons News LIVE show

Dungeons and Dragons news, D&D chat, game prep, campaign planning, map-making and more

During the Speaking Common weekly cast, I cover:

  • The weekly D&D News from the week
  • Rule Solution: analyzing the official sourcebooks in detail like PHD, DMG etc
  • Sage Advice Unfurled: Clarifying some of the most hotly contested D&D 5e rules
  • Dungeon Master and Player Tips: Great, easy tips to improve your play on either side of the screen

The second half of Speaking Common is dedicated to:

  • Map-making: Digital and animated map-making for home play or on any virtual tabletop
  • Game prep: notes and plot development for upcoming games
  • Campaign planning: adventure review and planning to build for games

TooPlay Gaming – Monday 7pm ET/4pm PT

Too Play couch co-op games and gaming couples review of new video game releases for 2020

Co-op and team based video games with Stef as well as new release single player games and reviews

During TooPlay, Stef and I laugh (a lot) interact with chat through the whole play and share experiences and reviews of the best and newest console (Playstation 4) video games, with a focus on couch co-op, two-player and team video games that we can play together. We make exceptions for single player games that we enjoy trading back and forth and commenting on while we watch and interact with chat.

DMs Guild Feature Showcase – Wednesday 7pm ET/4pm PT

DMsGuild Feature Showcase and Communigty Dungeons and Dragons live stream games

Community Dungeons and Dragons stream featuring adventure modules and campaigns from third-party DMsGuild creators

This is my community-based Dungeons and Dragons actual play stream. I select players from our amazing Twitter community and play through some of the best, highest-quality third-party adventure modules available on the Dungeon Masters Guild marketplace.

This show feature community members and creators in  high-fantasy, narrative-driven actual play campaign.

Tune in on Shambazzle Games for DnD 5e News events, how to be a dungeon master, video games reviews news and more


I thoroughly enjoy streaming but I mainly enjoy the special opportunity to connect with community members like you and share the experience in real-time. I hope you’ll join me for one or all of these streams and get familiar in chat.

Please consider throwing me a follow and coming by to say ‘hello’ soon! We have a ton of fun with great, like-minded friends!

See you in chat!