• July 8, 2020
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NEW Baldur’s Gate 3 Gameplay Reveal and Early Access – D&D LIVE

Here are some of the quick, early things I grabbed from the new official gameplay reveal from Swen Vincke of Larian Studios on the forthcoming Baldur’s Gate 3 video game release! This is a quick and dirty early breakdown, so please check back soon for more updates to this article as I continue to review the footage and announcement content:

Some quick, key details pulled from the reveal today!

  • Begins with character racing against the Illithid tadpole unless a cleric can be found to cure them
  • Narrative/dialogue options changed to 1st person (present tense)
  • Scene plays out with the Githyanki origins hero Laezel (Battlemaster Fighter) to begin
  • Keep in mind it’s pre-alpha footage so it’s a little less fluid than the final will presumably be
  • Times where I found it a little janky/animations rigging but this is pre-alpha, so I’m sure that will be fixed
  • Swen was using a custom character (not one of the prefab origin characters) as his main for the demo
  • LOVE the NPC interaction and the support of story immersion
  • Fully cinematic NPC dialogue interactions, though custom PC characters are not voiced
  • In true D&D fashion, you sleep in your armour
  • NPCs roll skill-checks (like perception) independently – individual chances for success etc
  • Inspiration points demonstration – Swen says he wanted to ‘hold on to it for later,’ suggests that like D&D 5e it is one-time use
  • Stuck to the action economy (Action, Bonus Action, Movement and reactions (including attacks of opportunity)
  • 4 party members in the demo, Player (main) and three origin characters (wizard, trickery cleric and the Githyanky Battlemaster Fighter)
  • Multiplayer co-op is in the game for launch
  • Have [Tadpoled] options in dialogue – expanded powers based on the Mind Flayer parasite that come with some kind of cost/darkness
    • Has created a whole separate faction of ‘True Souls’ but it feeds some sort of Mind Flayer tadpole progression
  • Narrator voice has been changed/updated – demo was female, not sure if you can choose different voicing or not
  • Svirfneblin (Deep Gnome) featured in the playthrough as an NPC
  • Darkvision features adding visibility to dark areas when using those characters
  • Optional quest/mission paths and choices – (Underdark vs. Hobgoblin camp in the new demo)
More to come after I review again and update regularly. Please bookmark and share!

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