• July 8, 2020
  • Last Update July 5, 2020 10:32 am
  • Toronto

I spent $50 on DMsGuild During Pay It Forward (May 4-17) – Here’s What I Got!

We’ve been talking a lot about the Play it Forward event on DMsGuild and how the proceeds of all DMsGuild purchases go directly to the  creators until May 17th. To summarize, the platform is forgoing the typical 50/50 split and the creators are getting 100% of your cash for their products.

Well, I thought it was time for me to put my money where my blog is and practice what I’ve been preaching, so today I gave myself a modest $50 budget to go aboleth-crazy and see what kind of great pieces I can pick up for less than the price of a video game. Keep in mind, this budget was in USD, so make sure to adjust your currency before you fill that cart. Only GOOD surprises here!

Highlight Mentions and Bundles – Separate Purchases:

A breakdown of what my $50 USD got me during the Play it Forward DMsGuild event

A quick proviso here – I went in specifically looking for adventures and lore or tools. My focus on third party content is usually limited to these because I don’t allow homebrew mechanics changes or rules modifications from 3P, as I stick to officially published materials only regarding the rules and mechanics of the game.

I also skipped Adventurer’s League official modules because, well the creator/publisher is Wizards of the Coast and I felt that defeated the purpose. I picked up 21 titles for my budget, which is fairly insane. These are all high-quality options and I can’t wait to start in on them. So, here’s what I got:

Buying on DMsGuild and what influenced my decisions

This was actually, delightfully far more difficult than I imagined. Delightfully so because there is such a great wealth of awesome content on there that is VERY reasonably (in some cases ridiculously) priced. As I was picking up these great stories and tools for less than a dollar sometimes, I realized how much you can actually get for $50!

I had so much fun doing this I might make it a monthly, or at least bi-monthly piece. I strongly implore you to check out the content on DMsGuild, even if just during this milestone Play It Forward event to give as much love as possible to the hard-working creatives out there who are trying to make it work and drive some revenue with their love of Dungeons and Dragons.

A small disclaimer: Be mindful of ‘content’ that is thinly veiled promotion. I was actually a bit disappointed by how many offerings were really just trojan horses to promote a stream or YouTube channel. I dismissed these immediately – that does NOT include amazing content that had been showcased on a stream or other channel, but rather very thin, frankly garbage content where the main theme was some form of, “come watch my stream/subscribe to my YouTube channel.”

Things that influenced my buying (in no particular order):

  • Art, cover and overall visual presentation
  • Full preview that gave good context of the product
  • Format, layout, polish and GRAMMAR and SPELLING
  • Thorough descriptions for locations and sidebars to narrate to players
  • Easing as much of my work as a DM


  • Clear outlines and multiple story path options, maps and legends
  • Overall quality of life improvement for tools
  • Not too setting-specific, easily ported into any campaign/level
  • Ratings vs. Price against all of these considerations