• July 8, 2020
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How to play Dungeons and Dragons Online (DDO) for FREE

Play Dungeons and Dragons DDO for free

The best way to play D&D Online is free, right? Well if you are self-quarantined, self isolating or just plain missing Dungeons and Dragons with friends, you can try ALL content in the long-standing D&D massively multiplayer online (MMO) game completely free until April 30

A massive D&D online game

Dungeons and Dragons Online MMORPG video game

In a recent announcement from Standing Stone Games, the DDO developer shared that they would make not only the full game, all expansions and content free for more than 40 days to new and existing players, but also that they would be ramping up in-game events and activities to keep adventurers excited and entertained. If you’ve ever played an MMO before, you’ll know that they are highly community-driven, built and an addiction of choice for many gamers from Guild Wars, World of Warcraft and a host of other mainstream giants in the massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG) genre.

DDO online is typically free-to-play but, as is typically the case with this type of format, branches out into paid expansions, content releases and memberships that expand your access of the ‘complete’ experience. That’s what makes this complete and unrestricted free-to-play window so exciting.

How to get started with Dungeons and Dragons Online

Download Dungeons and Dragons Online DDO for free

You can download the game client here, which is available for PC and Mac platforms. While that’s ticking you can dream up whatever character you want to create in DDO, from aasimar and tiefling to your standard fare of dwarf, elf and gnome races. The full host of D&D 5e classes seems available, including newcomers like the DDO alchemist and artificer specialists.

Once your download is finished and installed, you can hop right into character creation, but it might be worth spending some time with the robust and extensive community DDO compendium of  new player and starter guides from the DDO forum.

The DDO community is well-supported by passionate players and content creators with a wealth of knowledge to share – check out their YouTube channel if you prefer video playthroughs and streams to get started.

Getting started with new player tips in Dungeons and Dragons Online (DDO)
This new player guide from ‘Dirty’ William is one of many great community videos that will help you get into the world of DDO quickly and with less ramp-up.

Feature playlist: D&D News Highlights

The Dungeons and Dragons Online experience

The game itself has been around for nearly fifteen years (since 2006) and seems to follow the calendar of updates and releases for the Dungeons and Dragons 5e tabletop role-playing game, as is typically the case with other Wizards of the Coast D&D video games. Expansions follow Ravenloft and even Eberron, but there are also off-calendar offerings like the Underdark and various other regions of DnD lore.

I’m looking forward to at least getting into the beginning of the game, even if I don’t personally have time to welcome another MMO into my life; however, it might be just what you’re looking for to scratch that D&D itch until you can get back to the table with friends.

Are you checking out Dungeons and Dragons Online while it’s free for the next month and a half? Let me know!