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Hello adventurer, and welcome. You have tracked your quest to a trove of Dungeons and Dragons articles, news and tips. A am a dungeon master lifer and I’m excited to share with you all my DnD experiences and resources, whether teaching new players how to play dungeons and dragons or sharing Dungeons and Dragons game rules, dungeon master tips, DMsGuild adventures and stories on how to make a D&D campaign or working towards how to be a good DM.

Here you will find everything I have to offer, from daily Dungeons & Dragons content on my Twitter feed to the best D&D podcasts, Unearthed Arcana PDF narrations, Dungeons and Dragons news, games, videos and tips and more. Here are some of my main focuses on ShambazzleGames:

The Speaking Common Podcast

Speaking Common is actually a group of D&D podcast offerings, including:

Speaking Common DnD podcast - dungeons and dragons news

The Speaking Common D&D News Podcast

Every week I cover Dungeons and Dragons News on the Speaking Common DnD Podcast. This includes highlights from the amazing discussions I have with our Twitter Dungeons and Dragons community, as well as latest news from Wizards of the Coast, new Dungeons and Dragons book releases, D&D rules updates, video games and more. Check out the Speaking Common Podcast on your favourite player!

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Latest Episode:

D&D Actual Play Podcast - The Charisma Check Podcast

The Charisma Check Podcast

A narrative-driven Dungeons and Dragons 5h Edition actual play podcast with six theatre friends in a story-centric campaign set in the Forgotten Realms setting of Faerun. It is an engaging, loveable, high-fantasy audio drama that, while not comedy-centric or goofy, has great moments of humour. Edited with sound effects, music and ambiance to be fast-paced, exciting and focused on the entertainment and amazing moments – action-packed combat, intriguing mystery and engaging roleplay today – it could just be your next favourite adventure!

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Latest Episode:

Dungeon Master Interview Podcast on Speaking Common

Dungeon Masterful Interviews and Community Showcase

On Dungeon Masterful, I sit down with a new dungeon master, game master, Dungeons and Dragons creator, personality or game group to explore their passion for DnD or any TTRPG of choice. It’s not just D&D play, however, we interview DMsGuild publishers, world-builders, streamers and podcasters to learn their stories about DMing or running games, DM Tips and anything relating to being a game master or D&D dungeon master.

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Latest Episode:

UnEARthed Arcana - Narration of Wizard's Playtest Material

If you want all the details on Unearthed Arcana 5e playtest materials, look no further. I narrate all the current D&D Unearthed Arcana pdf notes and details in this D&D podcast, to free you of the pesky task of reading.

Click here for the latest Unearthed Arcana from Wizards of the Coast

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Latest Episode:

Dungeon Master Tips, map-making and gaming videos

Check out my YouTube channel and subscribe for regular D&D video content!

Daily Dungeons and Dragons content, discussion and an amazing community to chat about our love of the hobby with!

Video podcasts, map-making time-lapses, Dungeon Master tips, mini painting, how to play D&D, actual plays and more!

Standard TikTok randomness and bite-sized DM and player tips, character ideas and me just being basic and wierd!

More feature-related content, group discussions and the like, this is more where I interact with D&D groups.

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