• July 8, 2020
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DMsGuild Showcase – Community Dungeons and Dragons Launches Today!

Back in late February, I asked our community to submit if they were interested in being part of a test group for the first ever community Roll20 online Dungeons and Dragons game that I was looking to host. I had great feedback and tremendous response from dozens of our amazing Twitter family members, who were interested in getting together to begin a new adventure.

Furthermore, I wanted to use this opportunity to do something a little different, so I decided that I would show love to the amazing third-party (3P) creators in our community by playing indie-published adventures during this campaign, exclusively. I knew I wanted to stream it and I wanted to share that reach with these brilliant minds who work so hard on their DMsGuild D&D content.

I am so excited to announce that today, it all comes to a head! Check out the details below:

DMsGuild Showcase:

ShambazzleGames Community D&D and Creator Showcase


Bi-weekly Wednesday 7pm ET (Beginning May 6, 2020)

LIVE on:
Twitch | Mixer | YouTube | Twitter

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The first DMsGuild showcase and community online DnD5e campaign:

Scourge of the Nightingale on DMsGuild by Jeff Stevens and JVC Parry

The Campaign:

We will be playing a wonderful, three-part original campaign by Jeff Stevens, in collaboration in part by JVC Parry, called Scourge of the Nightingale (SotN).

SotN is set in the foothills and beyond the great ramparts of the walled city of Hillsfar in the Forgotten Realms world of Toril (Faerun).

The players are thrust into a plot of intrigue, dimplomacy and conspiracy centred around a local tragedy-turned-myth. Decidedly vague? You can tune into the live play session to see it all unfold – no spoilers here!

Pick up the complete Scourge of the Nightingale saga (1-3) for only $12 (CAD) during Pay It Forward on the DMsGuild.

The Players:

This campaign features some amazing community members who submitted (just like you can):

Dustin (@JustDrawnRadio):        Muse – Tiefling Artificer

Ryan (@DadsNDragons):              Drogyn – Dwarf Cleric

Nikki (@ChickenlyNerd):              Cloud – Tabaxi Monk

Angela (@PleasantDoom):           Glitterbomb – Kenku Sorcerer

Come cheer on your fellow adventurers tonight (Wednesday) at 7pm ET!

My Two Copper

Well, in my totally biased opinion, I think this is awesome! Admittedly, this won’t be my first time bringing a D&D game into the stream-o-sphere. Back in February 2017 I produced a stream of our now long-running 5e audio drama – The Charisma Check Podcast. It did really well in a time where not many folks were entering the space, save for the big wigs of Critical Role, Hyper RPG, Maze Arcana etc.

I thoroughly enjoyed it, but as a one-person team, it was too much for me to handle the tech, 4 different cameras, a full podcast audio setup AND the joys of stream health management ALL WHILE RUNNING A DAMN GAME. I felt the game and the experience of my players suffered and decided to just record it as an awesome edited-for-audio dramatic storied campaign. It was the right call.

I hope that I’ve learned enough to do it right this time. I know I have the support of the community. I just need to remind myself that it’s okay to just push play and have fun. That’s what I intend to do.

I hope you’ll join us and I hope you enjoy it as much as we did making it!

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