• July 8, 2020
  • Last Update July 5, 2020 10:32 am
  • Toronto

Details on Wizards’ Diversity Statement and Pending Changes for D&D 5e

Last week, Wizards of the Coast (WotC) released their “Diversity and Dungeons & Dragons” statement, addressing the company’s perspective on diversifying operations, identifying and eliminating racially prejudiced sentiment and committing to a better standard of those practices in its operations, products and education.

“We’d like to share with you what we’ve been doing, and what we plan to do in the future to address legacy D&D content that does not reflect who we are today.” – WotC D&D Team Statement

Wizards' Diversity Statement and Intentions

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Specifically, the statement expressed WotC’s intent to:

  • Depict the beauty in humanity and diversity with characters that reflect a variety of ethnicities, gender identities, sexual orientations and beliefs
  • Reinforce that ‘human’ means everyone – not just northern European depictions in fantasy
  • Acknowledge that the D&D community is more diverse than it’s ever been and needs to be reflected/updated

Diversity improvements for Dungeons and Dragons:

  • Address orc and drow races, specifically, and the leaning bias towards evil and malice for these and like races
    • Continue to present them as complex and culturally rich as in Eberron and Wildemount Compendiums
  • Focus on source book reprints as opportunities to correct these and perceived errors in judgment
    • Current changes to Curse of Strahd and Tomb of Annhihilation have already been actioned to combat racially insensitive verbiage – coming in the ‘months ahead’
  • Alluded to a coming product “not yet announced” that allows players to customize their ‘origin,’ including ability scores rather than benefits being tied to race

Diversity improvements for Wizards of the Coast business operations:

  • Engaged cultural consultants and ‘sensitivity readers’ to help guide the process and educate internally
  • Proactively diversifying staff and seeking new, diverse talent to develop their pool of freelance professionals, writers and creators

Finally, the statement concludes with:

“We know that every day someone finds the courage to voice their truth, and we’re here to listen. We are eternally grateful for the ongoing dialog with the D&D community, and we look forward to continuing to improve D&D for generations to come.”