• September 20, 2020
  • Last Update July 26, 2020 10:33 pm
  • Toronto

Are We Going to Icewind Dale in the New D&D Storyline? (Leaks and Rumours)

With more news emerging from Wizards of the Coast (WotC) including the confirmation that the new officially published campaign storyline will be revealed at D&D Live (June 18-20) – leaks and rumours are bound to start surfacing, but the one regarding Icewind Dale as the next setting in line are some of the most convincing.

Hard evidence that an Icewind Dale release may be imminent:

Is Icewind Dale the new Dungeons and Dragons storyline

Unofficial yet VERY convincing rumours abound:

Icewind Dale Dungeons and Dragons new adventure cover leak DnD Beyond

  • including a reverse-engineered cover of the release, purportedly leaked and then immediately deleted by D&D Beyond
  • A number of reports that a trailer featuring Icewind Dale and the cover was published, then immediately pulled
  • Recent history of the new storyline being ‘leaked’ by Wizards pre-announcement

My Two Copper

New DnD LIVE images suggest Icewind Dale leak and themeI would love to see a 5e Icewind Dale setting. We have seen ‘convenient’ leaks of new releases and information, be they from slips on stream to early Amazon product entries, to this ‘purported’ teaser trailer slip for Icewind Dale by D&D Beyond, but eventually the tangible teasers and the rumours begin to parallel one another.

We’ve also seen a very deliberate and somewhat clever alignment of Dungeons and Dragons new adventure releases in support of other WotC products that are nearing release, like Magic: The Gathering crossovers and special accessories. In this case, the introduction of an Icewind Dale adventure would prime the release of Dark Alliance with Tuque games later this year, which is set in exactly the same region.

Either way, I’m looking forward to being on top of this release and I’d really like to plan a streaming game with the new release as early as possible – I’m convinced enough to start planning visuals around this rumour, so we’ll see what happens next week at D&D Live!