• July 8, 2020
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A New No-fluff, Just-the-Facts Approach to D&D News on ShambazzleGames.com

D&D news without the shady click bait or bloated copy

I’ve worked in digital marketing for nearly 15 years and I’ve been a Dungeons and Dragons, TTRPG Game and Dungeon Master for nearly 7 of those years. I know that news outlets do two things that make me absolutely crazy: Bullshit clickbait and long-winded runaround writing to get you to stay on their articles before they will ‘let’ you get to the goods.

I want to combat that with no bullshit, just-the-facts D&D news on Speaking common and in my daily D&D news column here.

Here’s what I promise you with D&D news

Quick, no-bullshit Dungeons and Dragons news on www.shambazzlegames.comIf you agree, please help me spread the word:

  • No bullshit clickbait-y headlines – Sure, they might be catchy, but they won’t BS the content
  • Quick, to-the-point bullets so you get what you want to know quickly and upfront
  • More details following the ‘TLDR’ so you can go further into detail if you want to
  • Headers that make the information easy to navigate and work through

All in all, a greater appreciation for the facts, the juicy details, and YOUR time as a reader

The only thing I ask in return is that if you like the content and this approach to news, please let me know by:

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